Eyelish Mink Lashes

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Eyelish Mink Lashes offer a high end lash extension system. Our eyelashes are made from the finest quality, ultra-light protein fibres. We also offer a complete range of tools and accessories, not to mention adhesives for short or long-term use and for sensitive skin.



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Eyelish Mink Lashes offer a high end lash extension system.

Give your client a “WINK OF MINK”. These gorgeous natural mink lashes are soft and look so beautiful. The lashes are sourced from the Mink animal which is gently brushed to provide the product. The animals are not harmed in any way.

Who can wear Eyelash Extensions?

Whether you’re looking for length or thickness or wanting to emphasise your eyes. They’re perfect for people who want thick long lashes and people who want to impress on a special occasion.

Who can’t wear Eyelash Extensions?

We recommend that you do not have eyelashes applied if you have an eye infection. Other contraindications include recent eye operation or cosmetic eye surgery (e.g. conjunctivitis or cataracts). We suggest allowing the eye area to completely heal before applying Eyelish extensions. We do not recommend Eyelish extensions for people who suffer severe allergies with red, dry or itchy eyes. To note, if your client uses prescribed medicated eye drops or ointment this may coat the lashes and cause them to clump.

Clients who are always looking for something new

Eyelash extensions are the hottest trend to hit Australia. Apply to clients natural eyelashes to achieve a full, luscious and long set of lashes. These will seem so natural and comfortable that your client won’t even know they are there.


Brides will often want eyelash extensions on their special day, however sensitive eyes may discourage them. But there’s no need to worry! Simply purchase the sensitive adhesive, which is low irritation and will last 1-2 weeks, specifically designed for those with extremely sensitive eyes.

Special occasion makeup clients

For anyone attending a special event and wishing to make a statement with your make up eyelash extensions are the perfect way to do so! In a short hour your eyes will become beautifully defined, your lashes thick and lush and your eyes will appear larger and even better and they will stay that way for weeks!

Unhealthy, brittle lashes clients with very short lashes or those unhappy with their natural lash length

A client who is unhappy with the appearance of their short, brittle lashes is the perfect candidate for eyelash extensions! There’s no need to worry, extensions will not damage your natural lash any further. For the first time in your life will experience full, long and lush lashes and have all your friends complimenting you and wondering what you’ve done differently.

Recently permed eyelashes

If you have recently permed your eyelashes there is a chance you will need to wait a few weeks before having eyelash extensions done. This is because it is very difficult to adhere the lash extension to very curly lashes. We recommend you visit the salon for a consultation where we can advise you of your compatibility and how long you may need to wait. We do not recommend perming lash extensions.